Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Six Peaceful Pups at PupVacay

Sometimes there is lots of barking at PupVacay, but when the dogs aren't outside playing, they are usually napping in their favourite spot.

Image: Dexter, my 10 year old bichon - Denny, my 7 year old blonde bichon/poodle - Harvey, beagle/houndDexter is my 10 year old bichon, a rescue with lots of issues. He is in his usual on guard position on the back of the couch.

Denny is my 7 year old blonde bichon/poodle and he is snuggled up on the couch below Dexter.

Harley is the beagle/hound boarder,who prefers to have the opposite couch all to himself!snoozing on their respective couches.
Image: Kingston, 4 month old Shih-poo

Kingston, another boarder, is a 4 month old Shih-poo who likes to nap on the coffee table. He is normally a bundle of energy, but even puppies need their downtime.

Image: Lia, bichon

Lia, a regular boarder, is a bichon too, who prefers the comfort of her brother Luigi's kennel when she takes her nap.

Image: Luigi, bichon

Luigi! You are in my spot! LOL

Luigi is Lia's brother dog, and also a regular boarder.

Since his sister took his cozy kennel spot, he decided to take my spot on the couch, in front of my laptop!


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