Local Dog Parks

AJAX: Greenwood Conservation Area Church St. North of Taunton Rd This area is located in the northwest corner of Greenwood Conservation area. It was formerly a gravel pit, a large area with lots of running room, partially fenced. Has parking. "The Greenwood Off-Leash Area is located at Concession 5 and Church in Ajax, Ontario. This off-leash dog park is great. Located north of Taunton Road, it is connected to a trail system and forested area." Westney Off-Leash Westney Road and Clements Road West Hours: 24, parking: yes. Located on the north west corner of Westney Road and Clements Road. Two areas for dogs to play Off-Leash. Partially fenced.

BOWMANVILLE: "The Bowmanville Off-Leash Dog Park at 401 and Liberty Street is one of our favourite dog parks near the GTA. There are 2 fully fenced areas - one just for small dogs and puppies and one for larger dogs. It's fenced, has dog bags, parking, and picnic tables." Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BowmanvilleOffLeashDogPark
Happy Tails Bark Park: Our one-acre park is located in a beautiful country setting centrally located to Oshawa, Bowmanville, and Port Perry. In addition, our park is completely fenced in, so you don’t have to worry about your dog wandering off. Letting your dog come and play with other social dogs is one of the best things you can do for your best friend, whether your dog is a Chihuahua, a Great Dane or anything in between. Our park is open year round, seven days a week during daylight hours. Please contact us for directions.

OSHAWA: Harmony Valley Dog Park is an off-leash park with 25+ acres of open fields, water features and walking trails where you and your dog have the chance to socialize with dogs and other owners. There are currently no fenced in areas. http://www.harmonydogpark.ca/ Whitby opened its first two off-leash dog parks, which are about three acres in size and fully fenced with adjacent parking facilities, this past July. The north park is located at the Heber Down Conservation area near Hwy. 7 and Cochrane Street in Brooklin and the south park is adjacent to the Lynde Shores Conservation area, south of Hwy. 401 at Jeffery Street. As part of the sponsorship agreement, the Jeffery Street off-leash dog park will be renamed the Royal Canin Jeffery Street Off-Leash Dog Park, and the Cochrane Street off-leash dog park will be renamed the Royal Canin Cochrane Street Off-Leash Dog Park. "In Oshawa (Durham Region) we have an 'official' leash free dog park - part of Harmony Conservation Area. It's a very nicely maintained park, where volunteers as well as Oshawa Park authority have done a wonderful job." (thanks also to Earl P. for providing the link to the Harmony Conservation Area) Caroline E. - Happy Tails Bark Park is a 1-acre fenced park centrally located to Oshawa, Bowmanville, and Port Perry. Open year round, 7 days a week during daylight hours. Contact them for directions.

PETERBOROUGH: "The Peterborough West Animal Hospital dog park is 3/4 acre, fenced, and pick up bags are provided. It's located at 2605 Stewart Line in Peterborough, Ontario. It's small but it's free. This vet put up the fencing etc. on his own time and money. The regulars all have good dogs of all sizes from little ankle high things to Great Danes that will play with all types of dogs."

PICKERING: Grand Valley Park is located on the Third Concession, west of Valley Farm Road also known as the South Trail Head for Seaton Hiking Trail. http://www.pickering.ca/en/living/leashfreearea.asp

Uxbridge: Trying to get a Dog Park : http://www.uxbridgedogpark.ca/ Durham Region has no fewer than four such parks, with plans for more in the planning stages. Pickering has a location south and west of Valley Farm Rd and 3rd Concession. The park, which opened on June 15, 2010, is known as Grand Valley Park. Ajax currently has two off-leash dog parks. The first is at Greenwood Conservation Area at Westney and Taunton Rd, and the second is the Westney Off Leash, at Westney and Clements. Perhaps the most popular of Durham's dog parks is Oshawa's Harmony Valley Dog Park, located at the south end of Harmony Creek Park on Rathburn St., off Grandview St. N. The park is over 75 acres, with 25 acres dedicated solely to dogs and their beloved owners. You might be asking: "Where is Whitby, Uxbridge, and Bowmanville in all this dog park mania"?

Whitby- In November 2011, the Town of Whitby hosted a public workshop with the purpose of gathering information for potential location(s), design ideas, and whether there was a demand for volunteer groups or committees to maintain the canine-friendly environment. Staff will report to Committee and Council in early this year on the input received at this public workshop with recommendations related to the idea, including financial options to fund the potential project(s). Uxbridge- Proposals have been introduced to Town Council to form an off-leash dog park in Elgin Park just east of Water St. A decision should be made shortly on the residents' proposal.

Clarington- Local citizens petitioned last April with over 2000 names, for a dedicated dog park near the boat-launch of Bowmanville. Council approved a budget of $120,000 to fence and seed the location and West Side Creek Dog Park will be opened on May 4, 2012. Here are some tips for dog owners using the parks: Respect the rights of all park users; both people and dogs Dogs should be leashed when entering or leaving the leash-free area Dogs should be in view of their owners at all times and under voice control Dogs should be licensed and fully vaccinated Keep a watchful eye on your children Always respect wildlife and vegetation Remove pronged collars in the leash free areas Dogs in heat/sick dogs/aggressive dogs should NOT use the park Do not litter


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