Thursday, September 17, 2015

Making Snow Puppies! (A Bichon How-To Video)

Dexter explains how to make snow puppies (snow angels for dogs): Dexter loves to roll about in the snow, so we decided he thought he was making snow angels - for Dexter, we call them snow puppies!

We found Dexter (a bichon frise) at the Toronto animal shelter in May 2010. Dexter had been abused by his previous owners and abandoned at the side of the road, to fend for himself.

Dexter was a frightened, skinny little dog - terrified of everyone, and did not like to be touched, and would scream if you came too close.

The shelter said Dexter had issues. Boy, did he have issues!! Dexter had panic attacks in the car, was untrainable, incontinent and he is going blind with a genetic disorder.

Three years later Dexter is a happy-go-lucky little dog who loves to play in his big backyard with his "brother" Denny, another little dog we rescued that same year.


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